Engagement Artist, Yorkshire Sculpture International, Leeds, UK, 2019
One Hundred and Thirty Tonnes, Pavilion, Leeds, UK, 2018
LOVE SONG, The Holt, Sheffield, UK, 2018
TBM Reloaded, Schools of Change, Paradise Works, Manchester, UK, 2017
BE Festival, Birmingham, UK, 2017
Sound Camp, Cumbria, UK, 2017
Filmed Up, HOME, Manchester, UK, 2017
DIY Cultures, Rich Mix, London, UK, 2017
Film Material #20, Rogue Studios, Manchester, UK, 2017
Acts of Searching Closely, ASC Gallery, London, UK, 2016
Abandoned Yorkshire, Left Bank, Leeds, UK, 2016
Paradoxparadox, HOME, Manchester, UK, 2016
Sonophilia Sonic Festival, Lincoln, UK, 2016
Project 1612 Film Festival, Peoria, Illinois, USA, 2016
Open Screenings, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK, 2016
Artists Film and Video, Access Space, Sheffield, UK, 2016
Space and Place, Left Bank, Leeds, UK, 2016
Vespertine #11, National Railway Museum, York, UK, 2016
REACT, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, UK, 2016
FUSE, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, UK, 2016
The Living Room, 166 Rye Lane, London, UK, 2015
Building Structures, V&A Museum, London, UK, 2015
Gekyashu, RCA, London, UK, 2015
VIDEO, Evelyn Yard, London, UK, 2015
It Used To Be Talent, Croydon, UK, 2015
SHOW RCA, London, UK, 2015
Seascapes, RCA, London, UK, 2015
OFFPRINT, TATE Modern, London, UK, 2015
Enter The Common, RCA, London, UK, 2014
All Silent But For The Buzzing, RCA, London, UK, 2014
A Pen Can Build Faster Than A Hammer, RCA, London, UK, 2014
XVIIX, Online Gallery, 2014 (Solo Show)

A.I.T.V., The Dean Suite, SHOW RCA, London, UK, 2014

D3<>Sound, Studio 43, Dunkirk, France, 2014

Sonic Terrain Compilation, World Listening Day, 2014

Sound as Terror, Hockney Gallery, RCA, London, UK, 2014

Listen Hear, Open School East, London, UK, 2014

Open Projector, Making Art Work, Maidstone, UK, 2014

Spectrum, The Rag Factory, London, UK, 2013

unfest, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, 2013

London Short Film Festival, London, UK, 2013

51:Zero Voyager Festival, Maidstone, UK, 2012

untitled, UCA Gallery, Chatham, UK, 2012

Electric Lantern Film Festival, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, 2013

Shhh Music and Arts Festival, Bethnal Green, London, UK, 2012

Unoccupied Territory, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, 2012